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Religious authority has to do with how you know WHAT you know to be true and just; what source informs your actions.   Depending upon the religious context in which you find yourself, the answer could be as simple as … Continue reading

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Lift Every Voice!

We all hold in our memories images, stories, and words describing (in great detail) and relaying the potential (no, the imperative) for – “perfection”! Very early on we are handed a vision of what that “perfection” should look like, what … Continue reading

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Pastoral Care

I came to congregational ministry by way of Chaplaincy.  In 2000 I enrolled in a six-month Chaplaincy program at New York University hospital, drawn to the idea of being present to people in their times of deepest sorrow or joy. … Continue reading

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Chaos Theory & Peace Reality

(An excerpt of the 12/02/12 sermon delivered at the UU Church of Santa Clarita) December can be tough for many of us:  highlighting the chaos around us as well as the disorder within.  Highlighting the discordance between what we’re told … Continue reading

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There’s a lot to be said for what my mom used to call “Tapetenwechsel” – a change of scenery (in German, literally, a change of wallpaper). Stepping out of familiar environments now and then certainly challenges me to look at … Continue reading

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Justice GA 2012, Phoenix, AZ

As I sit down to write, Unitarian Universalists from all over the country (and world) converge on Phoenix, Arizona. Around the convention center the air is filled with shrieks of recognition as old friends, acquaintances and colleagues reunite; the murmur … Continue reading

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“Transcending Thoughts” (05/06/12 Sermon Excerpt)

This service is entitled “Transcending Thoughts”. Which caused at least one Facebook friend to ask me if that meant I’d be sharing thoughts ABOUT transcending (something you might expect from “mainstream” clergy). Or, if thoughts themselves would be transcended during … Continue reading

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Welcoming Spring

As the season of Spring transforms the earth, we explore the universal yearning for and promise of personal and societal transformation. We honor the religious stories and rituals of the season that transform fear into love, ignorance and arrogance into … Continue reading

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Grace is something for which we prepare ourselves. It is the guest we invite and for whom we clean house. It is the guest whose anticipated arrival causes us to see the everyday of our lives with new eyes; it … Continue reading

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On Congregational Life

Nurturing Congregational Life is a matter of nurturing relationships within and among individuals – among those who gather within Unitarian Universalist covenants, as well as with those far beyond. This involves not only a keen attention to and appreciation for … Continue reading

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