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Tears of Joy and Sorrow: The Work Is Not Yet Done

In the beloved community I serve time is set aside on most Sundays for something called “Joys and Sorrows”.  Valued as a time in which to plum the depths of our hearts, to affirm the complexity of grief and of … Continue reading

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Celebrating Several Milestones

One year ago this Sunday, at 12:34 pm, the President of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City shared with me the news that the congregation had voted (at 97%) to call me as their settled Minister. I was invited … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter

As I write this, thousands are gathering in cities all over the country in protest of the systemic racism highlighted in the news in recent weeks. It is important to know that these acts of violence were not “new” or … Continue reading

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Circle Blessing for the Ancestors

Please join hearts for a Circle Blessing Upon the Ancestors, turning together, as you are able, to the directions called: First, we turn to the NORTH: blessing the elders, who carved the paths we now walk; whose curiosity and vision, … Continue reading

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Excerpt of a Response to a Curious Student!

Thank you for your interest in Unitarian Universalism. You can find a great many resources on the website: uua.org Meanwhile, it is fair to say that Unitarian Universalism impacted society as much as society impacted and continues to impact Unitarian … Continue reading

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Today Is The First Day of The Rest of Your Life!

Opening Words for the 09/14/14 Worship Service: “Fresh Start” Today is the “first day, of the rest of your life”! A time to step out, of old sorrow or strife! To lay down the burden, of “things left undone” To … Continue reading

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Emotional Whiplash

Someone shared a story with me once about how important it is to rest periodically when you are on an arduous journey, in order to allow your spirit time to catch up. The last 24 hours have been such a … Continue reading

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Justice GA 2012, Phoenix, AZ

As I sit down to write, Unitarian Universalists from all over the country (and world) converge on Phoenix, Arizona. Around the convention center the air is filled with shrieks of recognition as old friends, acquaintances and colleagues reunite; the murmur … Continue reading

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