Monthly Themes

The full collection of original resources relating to monthly themes can now be found at


By way of background, in September 2011 I introduced the congregation I was serving (The Unitarian Universalist Church of Santa Clarita Valley) to  “Theme-Based Ministry”.  Each month’s programming was built around one theological theme (see below)  fostering personal, in-depth spiritual exploration.  Following a 3-year cycle of themes developed by the Tulsa Unitarian Universalist Church, each month I created a “monthly resource  flyer” related to the theme.  The flyer’s for that first year can be seen by clicking below.

September 2011:  Forgiveness

October 2011:  Death

November 2011:  Faith

December 2011: Hope

January 2012:   Justice

February 2012:  Love

March 2012:  Brokenness

April 2012:  Transformation

May 2013 Transcendence