Welcoming Spring

As the season of Spring transforms the earth, we explore the universal yearning for and promise of personal and societal transformation.

We honor the religious stories and rituals of the season that transform fear into love, ignorance and arrogance into wisdom, greed into generosity, despair into hope.  We look for and celebrate the return of green to the hillsides, of birdsong to the morning skies, and the lingering colors of delayed dusk.

These annual changes are a joy to the heart; a reminder  of the mysterious complexity and creative resiliency of the natural world.

As metaphors, these changes urge humanity to trust that beneath the cold, dark seasons of life lie many seeds preparing to transform the landscape of our future. More often than not those seeds were planted by hands other than our own.  And so it is with gratitude that we think of those who came before, seeking to walk tenderly through the garden of their vision and to plant our own seeds.

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