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A Poem Inspired by Holy Week

Much has been said of the brokenness That brings us – to our knees That causes us to lift our hands to the heavens Twinkling with “indifference”. Many tears are shed each and every day. Songs of desperation sung. What … Continue reading

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“Sometimes” A poem shared with UUFRC 01/04/15 By Reverend Stefanie Etzbach-Dale PART 1 Sometimes Life just bowls you over with – “Grace”! Knocks you down, So you have no choice But to let those shimmering, soul-quenching waves of “Undeserved” bliss Seep into … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter

As I write this, thousands are gathering in cities all over the country in protest of the systemic racism highlighted in the news in recent weeks. It is important to know that these acts of violence were not “new” or … Continue reading

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Tears, Fears & Redemption (Who is your neighbor?)

A few months back I found myself going through a really difficult time.  And since I’ve found over the years that fresh air can help clear the mind I went to a local park – trying to focus on the … Continue reading

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There’s a lot to be said for what my mom used to call “Tapetenwechsel” – a change of scenery (in German, literally, a change of wallpaper). Stepping out of familiar environments now and then certainly challenges me to look at … Continue reading

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Street-Side Affirmation

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Sunday, December 4th: Occupying Hope

Hope is generated through the songs, symbols and celebrations of the winter holiday season. It’s generated through stories both of acts “Divine” and “Human”. Invite a friend and join us for worship at the Unitarian Universalist Church of Santa Clarita … Continue reading

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