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Exciting Update!

It’s been quite a while since I posted here! Congregational ministry was so all-encompassing that many other interests and pursuits were moved to the “back burner”.  Then, in 2015 I contracted Lyme disease and developed extremely debilitating symptoms.  I worked … Continue reading

Tears of Joy and Sorrow: The Work Is Not Yet Done

In the beloved community I serve time is set aside on most Sundays for something called “Joys and Sorrows”.  Valued as a time in which to plum the depths of our hearts, to affirm the complexity of grief and of … Continue reading

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Celebrating Several Milestones

One year ago this Sunday, at 12:34 pm, the President of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Redwood City shared with me the news that the congregation had voted (at 97%) to call me as their settled Minister. I was invited … Continue reading

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A Poem Inspired by Holy Week

Much has been said of the brokenness That brings us – to our knees That causes us to lift our hands to the heavens Twinkling with “indifference”. Many tears are shed each and every day. Songs of desperation sung. What … Continue reading

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Holy Reciprocity, Batman!

by Reverend Stefanie Etzbach-Dale, copyright 2015 To open one’s heart to another Is to risk having it shattered Broken into pieces too scattered Too jagged, to gather up alone. To dream is to soar upon possibility. And yet, unsupported? Dreams … Continue reading


“Sometimes” A poem shared with UUFRC 01/04/15 By Reverend Stefanie Etzbach-Dale PART 1 Sometimes Life just bowls you over with – “Grace”! Knocks you down, So you have no choice But to let those shimmering, soul-quenching waves of “Undeserved” bliss Seep into … Continue reading

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In preparation for Lent 2015 I’ve written the following poem, to be shared during the 02/15 Worship Service at the UU Fellowship of Redwood City. You are welcome to share it with attribution – and I’d love to hear from … Continue reading

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Christian story and ritual, including that relating to Christmas, evolved over centuries. (Given the growing influence of Santa and his reindeer, it continues to evolve.) In the early years of Christianity, well after the crucifixion, much HOPE was invested in … Continue reading

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Black Lives Matter

As I write this, thousands are gathering in cities all over the country in protest of the systemic racism highlighted in the news in recent weeks. It is important to know that these acts of violence were not “new” or … Continue reading

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Ordination Charge to the Minister, 12/07/14

The following charge was written in honor of the ordination of Reverend David Helfer, 12/07/14 Reverend Helfer: Shema. Listen! Listen, as if your Soul depended upon it. Because it does! Listen, as you travel forward along this ancient sacred road, … Continue reading

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