Exciting Update!

It’s been quite a while since I posted here!

Congregational ministry was so all-encompassing that many other interests and pursuits were moved to the “back burner”.  Then, in 2015 I contracted Lyme disease and developed extremely debilitating symptoms.  I worked hard to manage those, but by 2017 it was clear to me that I could no longer serve my community full-time.  With a heavy heart, but with deep appreciation for the many accomplishments of those years of shared ministry with UUFRC, in 2017 I left in order to tend my health.

Going from such a highly structured schedule, with so many creative, collaborative activities on my mind, and so many people in heart, to no structure and no contact, felt awful.  I felt completely emptied out.  But it was the right thing to do – allowing me to rest deeply, seek out new treatments, and reconnect with who I am when I’m not “a minister”.  I call that year my “empty bowl year”, because I was very intentional in processing my grief and not trying to cover it up with new activities or identities.

As it turns out, I’m always a minister – even when I’m not functioning officially/recognizably in that capacity.  Those qualities and passions that led me to ministry in the first place are still with me.  The new challenge, now that I am recovering my health and vigor, is to re-envision the form that ministry takes.

This year I’ve found myself drawn to the deeply intimate sacred space of Spiritual Direction, incorporating creative arts, energy work, meditation, prayer and movement.  We live in such disruptive times, and great courage is needed to navigate life with integrity, with compassion, gratitude, and joyful purpose.  That’s certainly what I find myself needing, and, naturally encouraging in others.

Working with people one-on-one has always been a deep joy to me, and so I am delighted to be focusing on that through my new private practice:  TendingSpirit:  Spiritual Courage in a Disruptive World.   

I’ve just completed three additional certifications and now have time available to connect with a few new Spiritual Direction clients.  Might that be you or someone you know?  The first session is free, allowing us to get to know each other a bit and develop a sense of how I can best help you cultivate spiritual courage in this disruptive world!  Interested?  Email me at TendingSpirit@gmail.com

You might also want to follow TendingSpirit on FaceBook to see original artwork and inspirational messages.  They’re posted daily.

(A dedicated Spiritual Direction ministry website is currently under construction and is expected to go live mid-January 2019.  Look for it at TendingSpirit.com)



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