Today Is The First Day of The Rest of Your Life!

Opening Words for the 09/14/14 Worship Service: “Fresh Start”

Today is the “first day, of the rest of your life”!
A time to step out, of old sorrow or strife!

To lay down the burden, of “things left undone”
To consider “anew”, what hasn’t begun!

We gather together, awake to this gift!
Seeking our minds and our hearts to uplift!

Seeking to walk, with integrity, true?
Guided by values, some old and some new!

“Love”, for example – that labynth-ine word…
In circles like this, is quite often heard!

It lies as the heart of this UU Tradition,
Joined with respect for the gift of cognition!

So settle in now, to this place and this time,
And forgive me, I ask, for this impious rhyme!

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