Truth, Boxing and the Bodhi Tree

One of the things my boxing instructor does to keep me “loose” while we’re sparring is:  ask theological questions!

For example:  Big-bellied Buddha plops under the Bodhi tree and assumes the lotus position.  And in walks Moses, skinny from 40 years of wandering the desert.  Buddha opens one eye towards him and says “does this pose make me look fat?”

So I’m bobbing and weaving, and thinking about Moses and the Ten Commandments he brought down from the mountaintop, including the one that says “thou shalt not bear false witness”!

And I can picture Moses telling him like he sees it:  “Yes Buddha, you’re lookin’ pretty round these days.  A couple laps around the tree could take care of that”.

When it occurs to me, that Moses knows a thing or two about the importance of “managing information”!  He had to have had that skill, in order to have avoided mutiny in the desert!

And then there’s this:  being the inspired man he was, he probably knew that Buddha’s TRUE motive was not to discuss his own corpulence – but to bring Moses to an even greater TRUTH!

So, I double jab, cross, hook and reply:  “The eyes that see self in other – see only beauty.”

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