Here Lies the Truth

In days of old the was told
By clerics dressed in red and gold –
Who spoke of God with surety
And damned much of humanity

How “simple” then, it was to know
What was a fact, or wasn’t so
How easy then, to follow “blind”
The teachings of another mind

Life’s path today, its ruts and hills
Calls upon your mental skills
It asks your heart to open wide
So you yourself can then decide

The truth, you see, is seldom clear
We each are called to persevere
To seek out truth in every guise
And so a worthy life devise!

(Poem by Reverend Stefanie Etzbach-Dale, presented as part of the “Here Lies the Truth” worship service this coming Sunday, May 19th @ 10:30 am. Invite a friend!)

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