Seekers of Truth Be Welcome!

Welcome Words by Rev. Stefanie Etzbach-Dale, 05/05/13 Uuofscv

Seekers of truth, of each time and each place,

Champions of doubt, and reason’s embrace,

Be welcome, be greeted, with honor and glee,

With or without, a college degree!


For wisdom is found in the curious mind,

In the heart opened up to thoughts redefined;  

Queries and insights, shared here, among friends,

Reveal much more, than a crystalline lens!


A goal we all share, is to find what is true,

To develop a relevant, helpful, worldview;

To bring about peace in a world full of woe,

Calling to question the old status quo.


So all that you bring, and all that you are,

Serves in this place, as a bright morning star!

A gift to all seekers, determined to know,

Which “facts” to revere, and which to let go!


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