Love and the Challenge of Easter Week

Excerpt from 2013 Easter Homily to be presented at the Unitarian Univeralist Church of Santa Clarita Valley 03/31/13:

How do you love a man, who takes everything you thought you knew about who you are, about the whole world actually (this one with its trials and tribulations, and the “glorious” one generation upon generation of your ancestors dreamed and prophesied about) and turns it upside down?  

How do you love a man, who has you turn your back on your father and mother, deny your home and possessions, your security and social standing, in order to follow him?

(Follow him to what?  To town upon dusty town, where you’ll be trailed by thrill-seekers, skeptics and spies?  Where you’re likely to be put on lists that will find their way into Roman hands? Dangerous hands!)

How do you love a man, who speaks, when he does, in riddles?  “the last shall be first, the first shall be last”…

This is a man who touches the putrid flesh of corrupted bodies.  And consorts with those justifiably condemned for lose morals.  And takes suspicious joy in the company of children.

How DO you love a man, who lets himself be publicly shamed and mutilated like a common thief.  And then DIES!!!  After raising all sorts of hopes, after all that talk of a new age, of Divine blessing and eternal life?

How do you love a man like that?  And, why…?

The Easter Sunday Worship Service begins at 10:30 am.  
See for location and further information.


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