A Co-Creation Story

The first man, Adam, made of the dust of the earth and placed within a garden of earthly delights (so the story goes), was free to wander beneath the starry skies and among all God’s creatures, wild and wonderful.  

He was free to explore, to fill his belly, to sleep, to marvel and wonder.  And so he did.  Until there arose within him, and his helpmate, a yearning for more.  

The time came, when it was not enough to exist.  It was not enough, to have been given eyes to see the gold of morning,  and ears with which to hear the song of dusk.  It was not enough, to trace with outstretched hand the dance of  falling rain, or smell the musk of the earth.

The time came, when it was not enough to glorify that which had been created by another.

For within him, created of the dust of the earth, something stirred, singing songs, pure, bitter and so sweet; painting stories on the wind.

Straining to hear, straining to see, every muscle taut like the strings of a harp, he reached out and took in his hands the future.  The future, in the shape of an apple.

He and she both. 

And so began the story of  “co-creation”.

(excerpt from sermon presented at Uuofscv 01/05/14)




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