Solstice Poem – 2013

We’ve woken from the darkest night

To seek within this day – delight!

Be welcomed, you, who’ve journeyed here,

Lending now, your eye and ear!


The paths you’ve walked, and trails you’ve blazed!

Here, they cannot be – but praised!

The landscapes crossed along the way,

They live within you – they’re here, today!


The stars above, that “seem” so still

They journey too!  Their paths fulfill!

Ever moving through the skies

Their patterns and their paths – surprise!


So discovered, long ago,

the ancestors, who sought to know –

The answers to life’s mysteries,

The secrets of the flowers and trees!


The reason, both, for love and pain,

the call of sacred and mundane!

Was found upon life’s turning wheel,

The seasons, and the stars’ ordeal!


“As above then, so below”

Said the ancients, long ago!

The stars, they travel – so must we!

That is plain enough to see!


From day to night, and night to day,

We wander on, and make our way –

Pilgrims on a stardust trail,

The gift we bring?  Our journey’s tale!

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