Winter Holiday Poem, Part 2!

Each year, this time, we gather round, in darkness to behold

The miracle of love, and peace, within, when it grows cold.

We lift up stories, songs and such, passed down from long ago,

Discovering there reminders of the truths that help us grow.

The mysteries of Chanukah, of Yule-time fires shared,

Of Jesus born amidst the straw, deserve to be declared.

May stories told of love and peace, of hope and joy renewed

Of ancient days, and words of praise, become your spiritual food.

May you enjoy the weeks ahead, the rounding of this year,

Drawing close to those you love (and those “not quite” so dear).

The peace you seek relies upon the kinship you avow,

In this season is a chance to feel it:  here and now.

So be a light unto this world, illuminate the way,

May joy and peace live in your heart, this and every day.

(by Reverend Stefanie Etzbach-Dale)

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