Winter Holiday Poem, by Rev. Stefanie Etzbach-Dale

Each year, this time we gather round in darkness to behold

The miracle of PEACE we find within when it grows cold.

Each culture has a special way of celebrating this

Of kindling in our weary hearts a flame of joy and bliss.

And so, come stories, songs and lights to make us all draw near

As UU’s, we can find in each some teachings we can cheer

For Jewish folk, the story goes, when things were looking bleak

A tiny flame illuminated hope, for past a week

Years of struggle and of loss, had made them feel alone

But through that flame a lasting faith was recognized and sown

And folks for whom each season is a gift so rare

Solstice is a time to think of all for whom we care

To find within the earth and sky an inspiration pure

To trust the seasons and reflect on kinship deep and sure

And Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus, God’s own son

The Prince of Peace, here to teach us that we all are one.

To teach us that from humble birth great glory can arise

To lift the spirit, shakes things up, illuminate the skies.

And so, we see within this month of special holidays

A chance to lift our spirits and diversity to praise.

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