How Do You Know What You Know?

There’s this thing, that happens all the time but that I notice, particularly each year in late February, she said.

It’s a kind of “stirring” under the earth that I feel in my heart; in  that space between one beat and another.                        

At night it finds its way into my dreams like a spotlight, illuminating dusty corners of memory.

 And during the day I hear it walking, right behind me, trying to catch up – and sometimes I can even feel its hand on my shoulder!

It’s a strange thing!, she said, when knowing rises wordlessly from the earth.  

When truth finds its way into your dreams and puts its hand, warm and comforting, on your shoulder – as if you were old friends!  Reminding you of all you’ve ever learned about who you really are and where you come from.  About what’s necessary.  

And what’s possible.

It’s a strange and wonderful thing, she said, when that which is most true about life holds you close.  And at the same time – sets you free!”

And all of this makes me wonder, how do you come to know what you you know, about why you are here?

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