Nourishing Body & Spirit

One of the simplest spiritual practices is to “say Grace” at every meal. No special books or pillows are required, no candles or particular table settings. Taking the time to look at and smell the food at your table, to acknowledge your physical (and spiritual) hunger and the many amazing gifts of nourishment is all that’s needed! Here are a few of the words that arose in my heart recently as I sat down to eat:

May gratitude for the abundance of the earth, for human labor and love, and for the Spirit through which these are united and made manifest, fill our hearts, as we receive the gift of this food.

Through this meal, may the hunger of our bodies, minds and spirits be eased. May we be strengthened and fortified, filled with gratitude and resolve to bring love, compassion and justice into the day ahead.

May the hunger of body, mind and spirit be eased through the gift of this food, touched by sun, air, earth, water and the unseen hands of multitudes. As we are replenished, so may all be.

May we receive in gratitude the gift of Life in the form of this meal. May we savour the taste and texture, the smell and sight of Love made visible! Chew on this! And allow it to fill your being. Then go forth in Love to nourish those who hunger still.

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