The Graves of Children: Bullying & the Christian Right

This morning I read about an initiative of the Christian Right against the FAIR Education Act – intended to provide students with accurate information about GLBT history, and to protect GLBT students from discrimination.  Apparently right-wing Christians in California are mobilizing with a propaganda campaign that, among other things, minimizes, normalizes, and celebrates “bullying” as a natural rite of passage.

And so the teachings of love proclaimed by their God are twisted and shredded and laid upon the graves of children.  Yet another generation of children will be subjected to psychological and physical violence – whether they claim a GLBT identity or are perceived in any way to be different from the cultural stereotype of “normal”.  Yet another generation of children will be faced with the impossible task of integrating the central Christian teaching of love with the publicly promoted initiative to harass and shun their peers to the brink of despair (which all too often leads to a grave).  The religious incongruity and brutality of this stance is baffling to me.

If you would like to find out more about this issue and how you can make a difference, check out EQUALITY CALIFORNIA.



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