Sunday June 12th at UUofSCV at 10:30 am

Invite a friend and come to the Unitarian Universalist Church of the Santa Clarita Valley for a special “Potpourri” worship service inspired by these questions:

Tell us about the importance of Olympia Brown…what will the history of this church be…what’s the UU perspective on assisted death…why don’t UUs provide much help to fledgling congregations (in terms of financial and administrative support)…how is it that Unitarian Universalist morality is different from moral relativism…how are atheists part of UU…do most UU’s believe in God…how can UU parents balance the challenge of being accepting and non-judgmental, while helping our children understand the power and influence of social norms they are exposed to…what do clear thinking Unitarian-Universalists have to say and recommend regarding the threat of progressively increasing and disasterous excessive world population…what about abortion & religion…how can we make the over-riding issue of peace, on which all others depend, a reality…how can we overcome the perceived apathy, assumed ignorance of issues, and the frustration we feel in providing a more robust presence within the congregation and the larger community…what are the UU views in terms of monogamy or polyamory…if UU was was to split into Unitarian on one side and Universalists on another, what group would you be part of…where do UU’s stand with regard to the Israeli-Palestinian issue…when will the world end and when did it begin…how did dinosaurs get killed…how can a monster or haunted thing be alive…how do dinosaurs stomp on people…how do I describe Unitarian Universalism to a friend that is unfamiliar with it, in simple terms that a child can understand…is God realhow many UU’s does it take to screw in a lightbulb…????

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