Friends=Angels Poem

Friends are like angels.  They appear in the least expected places, in the most critical moments: bearing witness to the full breadth of our oh-so human fumblings;  sheltering us beneath the feathers of their faith in us;  casting a gentle light into the darkness of our soul-wrenching doubts.   Friends are like angels – ready at a moment’s notice  to “soar into the heavens” of our delight when, inspired by love, by beauty, joy or hope, we take flight. Friends are like angels.  They are reflections of  our yearnings that, somehow, always manage to surprise us.  Always manage to bring out the best in us.  Especially when we discover, as we invariably do, that they are actually “human”.  And that they need us – as much as we need them.  (That’s when we become angels.)

Rev. Stefanie Etzbach-Dale, 02/06/11

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