This I Believe…

The Sepulveda UU Society is putting together a “This I Believe” booklet, inviting members to share some of their thoughts.  Here’s what I submitted today:

 I believe that the religious impulse lies deep within each and every one of us, and that most of us spend our lives searching for a “language”, a belief system, a religion, a philosophy – that will satisfy our need to give expression to that impulse. 

 What we generally don’t realize is that our lived lives, in all their ambiguity, are a language we would do well to pay attention to! 

 If we take the time to reflect deeply upon our presence in the world and impact upon one another, what might we discover – what might we change, or celebrate? 

 Every moment of our lives affords an opportunity to nourish love, joy, beauty and justice.  Every moment has within it seeds of truth and meaning.  Every moment is graced with freedom – the kind that encourages us to take risks, to question, to stumble and pick ourselves up again.

 What we’re looking for is not all that elusive!  It’s embedded within our lived lives, our daily choices, constantly giving expression to our deepest yearnings.   

And it is well worth it for each of us to take the time, alone and in community, to listen to what our lives saying…! 


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